Prime Butcher Wraps

Thank you for choosing our Butcher Paper! Whether you’re using it to wrap meats, for craft projects, or even smoking meats, our Butcher Paper is designed to cater to your needs. This guide will provide step by step instructions on how to use and care for your Butcher Paper.

Key Features

  • Ideal for Wrapping Meat: Our butcher paper preserves the freshness of your meat and keeps it safe.
  • Crafting Purposes: Perfect for arts and crafts projects due to its strength and durability.
  • Smoking Meat: Enhance the flavor of your smoked meats with our butcher paper.
  • Branding: Printed with your logo, perfect for branding purposes.

How to Use Our Butcher Paper?

Wrapping Meat

  1. Cut a piece of butcher paper large enough to fully cover your meat.
  2. Place the meat in the center of the paper.
  3. Fold the paper over the meat, making sure all sides are covered.
  4. Secure the paper with tape or string.


  1. Cut the butcher paper to the size required for your craft project.
  2. Apply glue, paint, or other craft materials as desired.

Smoking Meat

  1. Cut a piece of butcher paper large enough to wrap around your meat.
  2. Wrap the meat tightly, then place it in the smoker.
  3. Follow the instructions of your smoker for cooking time and temperature.

Safety Precautions

  • Keep away from open flames to avoid fire hazards.
  • Store in a cool, dry place to prevent damage and discoloration.
  • If the paper becomes wet, discard it and use a fresh sheet.
  • Our butcher paper is food-safe and approved for direct contact with food.

Troubleshooting Tips

Issue: Paper tearing easily  

Solution: Be gentle when handling the paper and avoid sharp objects. If the paper continues to tear, it may be a manufacturing defect. Please contact customer service.

Issue: Ink smudging  

Solution: Give the ink ample time to dry before handling the paper. If the ink continues to smudge, try using a different type of pen or marker.

Issue: Paper not sticking to surfaces  

Solution: Our butcher paper is not self-adhesive. Use tape, glue, or other adhesive materials to secure the paper to surfaces.

Issue: Paper discoloration over time  

Solution: Store the paper in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent discoloration. If the paper continues to discolor, it may be a manufacturing defect. Please contact customer service.

We hope this guide helps you to make the most out of your Custom Butcher Paper. For any further queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy crafting and cooking!